Electronic ambient artist Pulse Mandala returns to the source, to the fabric of space and time itself connecting to the fundamental essence of life: Vibration.
The compositions take inspiration from organic patterns that are abundant in nature, from the fascinating microscopic world up to the vast and stellar universe. There’s something out there that somehow feels right and makes us feel connected to the world we live in. When this divine magic is applied to electronic music, there’s an instant connection to a deeper level of consciousness.

Electronic artist Wim Daans is the driving force behind Pulse Mandala. He started out in the dark eighties with Belgian new wave band The Arch as keyboard player and composer. In the nineties he joined the ranks of bands like Lords of Acid, Poesie Noire, Darling Nikkie, Luc van Acker and Praga Khan, touring the world playing synths in the underground scene. In between tours he also worked on his own solo project Karma de la Luna that became an established name in the Ambient scene and released the cult classic Travel Without Moving.

new single ABIOGENESIS - out March 21 - on all platforms

Pulse Mandala Abiogenesis@0.5x