Pulse Mandala

sound waves for deep relaxation

Pulse Mandala is producing an alternative synthetic ambient soundtrack to the future virtual reality that is about to emerge. Uncertainty, unpredictability and randomness are the key sonic elements that are used to create organic and relaxing soundscapes that resemble the beauty & chaos that up until now was found only on this earth's nature.

Electronic artist
Wim Daans uses a modular synthesiser to compose generative patches, otherworldly sound textures and shifting patterns that behave like a self contained ecosystem for the listener to explore. The added top layer of often simple but highly effective harmonic transitions, enhance the trance inducing effect.

Pulse Mandala applies these musical techniques in an almost shamanistic method, lifting the listener to an altered state of consciousness, dissolving stranded patterns and habits, and ultimately stimulating your nervous system to return to a natural state of harmonic peace. The animated visuals intensify the feeling of total bliss, and are a sublime way to visualise the cosmic experience of being connected to the universe and beyond.

Go ahead and
give it a listen : lay back, unwind, and enjoy the ride …

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